Who is inspecting your vehicle?

Car Craft

Is anyone INSPECTING your vehicle when you have your oil changed? At Car Craft, any time we perform an oil service, we also perform a complete vehicle inspection. As the interval in between oil services has increased with newer vehicles and better lubricants, it is more important than ever that a qualified mechanic inspect your vehicle at each oil service. Twenty-five years ago, if a strut was going bad and the mechanic did not catch the problem, it would probably be caught in 2 months when you next had your oil changed. Some vehicles today go 20,000 miles between oil services, so it may be 18 months before a mechanic has another chance to catch a failing part.
The vast majority of oil change shops only inspect wipers, filters, and brakes. Most do not check tires, suspension, and lights. I don’t know of any oil change shop that checks the belts, hoses, coolant, transmission or does any scanning for a check engine light.
Make sure YOUR vehicle is fully inspected by a qualified mechanic each time you have an oil service performed. Bring it to Car Craft today!
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