Volkswagen Repair Athens

Are you asking yourself, what is the best auto repair near me? Or are you asking, where is the best auto repair in Athens? Are you a parent who has a student in Athens who has car issues, and you are looking for a trusted mechanic in Athens? Then look no further than Car Craft. We are the best auto mechanic shop in Athens. We are not just the best foreign car repair Athens, we are also the best mechanics in Athens, period!

If it has an engine we can do Volkswagen repair and maintenance on it! We maintain and repair literally ALL makes and models of vehicles. From Model T and Model A Fords, all the way up to the modern hybrid and all-electric vehicles. We service everything from Ford F-150 trucks to Rolls Royce and Ferrari. We work on many antique vehicles, custom vehicles, rare and exotic vehicles.

Many of our customers drive very nice vehicles like Audi, Jaguar, Porsche, Land Rover, or Mazda. While these are quality vehicles, unfortunately, there is no dealership service department to take your vehicle to if you have a problem. Not to worry, Car Craft is happy to maintain and repair your Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mazda, Another foreign car, domestic vehicle, OR your antique or classic vehicle.


Car Craft is Athens’s primary destination for maintenance, and Volkswagen repair Athens. Our Volkswagen mechanics, drivers, are enthusiasts and have the experience of repairing all makes and models of Volkswagen, classic and modern vehicle. We do Volkswagen maintenance, engine repair, and Volkswagen transmission work. We are the best in Athens for Volkswagen service and repair!


We love Audi! Audi is one of the finest engineered vehicles in the world. Audi vehicles have special issues with maintenance and repair, and we are well equipped and experienced at doing all forms of maintenance and repair on these vehicles. From valve carbon cleaning, ensuring the sludge stays out of your oil pan, to timing belts and water pumps. We can help you keep up your Audi maintenance, and would love to help you with any Audi repair Athens that is necessary to keep your Audi running at its best.


Many people are surprised to find out that Car Craft maintains and repairs Porsche vehicles. Since Athens does not have a Porsche dealership, Porsche owners are often faced with the inconvenient option of driving (or having their Porsche towed) a long distance for maintenance and repair. We can take care of you right here in Athens! Yes, we can and do take care of new Porsche models like the Panamera, as well as 911, 944, and 924 models. We are the best Porsche repair Athens and who also do Porsche convertible top replacements.


Car Craft is proud to do maintenance and repairs on all makes and models of Volvo. Our owner proudly drives a classic Volvo, and we can perform all routine maintenance, and repairs. From repairing power windows, brakes, and timing belts, all the way up to engine and transmission repair and maintenance. We are Athens best Volvo mechanic shop!


We are proud to do all types of maintenance and repairs on all BMW vehicles. Whether your BMW is a new vehicle or a rare and antique model, we can help keep your BWM well maintained. Our BMW repair Athens services include repairing of any engine or mechanical problems you may have.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes advertises, “The best, or nothing”. At Car Craft, we use the best parts and have some of the best and most experienced mechanics to maintain your Mercedes. Modern Mercedes requires special training and technical manuals to know what is included in the A service, B service, C service, and D service. We have all the available tools, resources, and experience to keep your wonderful vehicle dependable and pleasant to drive. We do all types of Mercedes Benz repair Athens and Mercedes-Benz maintenance including the transmission and internal engine work.


Chevy, GM, and GMC including Cadillac. One of our top mechanics worked many years in a Chevrolet dealership. He was the top mechanic in their service center. He has brought all those skills and all his experience to Car Craft, where we proudly do maintenance and repairs on all Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles. From Z06 Corvette to C1500, C2500, and C3500 trucks.


We love doing maintenance and repairs on the Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury lines of vehicles. Keep your Ford in top condition by keeping up the maintenance. If your Ford does have a problem with the brakes, air conditioning, engine or transmission, we would love to be of service to you!


We do all types of Jaguar service, Jaguar maintenance, and Jaguar repairs. We are experienced and able to maintain your modern Jaguar or to help tune up your classic beauty.


We maintain and repair all makes and models of Mazda. From the rotary engine Mazda RX-7 to the newest Mazda CX-9.


We can do all maintenance and repairs on your Toyota. From a timing belt and water pump on your Camry to the brakes on your Highlander, we can do it all.

Antiques, Classic, and Exotic vehicles

Car Craft is Athens’s best destination for maintenance and repairs on your antique car, classic car, or exotic car. Many people are shocked to see Rolls Royce, Ferrari, Model A Fords, Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, and Bentley vehicles in our shop. We do maintenance and repairs on all these classic vehicles and more.

Land Rover / Range Rover

Yes, we do maintain and service these wonderful vehicles. We are very good at handling Land Rover timing chain and timing guide issues. We have all the necessary tools and equipment to properly perform service on your Land Rover.


From the Nissan Sentra to the Nissan trucks, we maintain and repair them all. We proudly perform Nissan brake work. We do timing belts, water pumps, and all types of mechanic work on Nissan.

Many of our customers have purchased vehicles from online dealers, Carvana, or Car Max. Where is the Carvana service department? Where can you take your vehicle for service if you purchased it from eBay? We are your service department! Call us at 706.546.6695, or make your appointment online today at