Auto brake maintenance

Here is a list of some of the most common repairs we perform at Car Craft. If you need a repair not listed here, please call the shop and talk with us about your needs.

  • Alternators-Tested and installed.
  • Battery-Batteries tested and installed.
  • Brakes-Brakes – Routine brake service, and ABS systems.
  • Check engine light-Free “Check Engine” light check
  • Clutch-Clutch repair, adjustment and master/slave cylinders.
  • Cooling systems-leaks and thermostats.
  • CV Axles-Axles and CV joints.
  • EGR valves
  • Electrical-Headlights, brake lights, starting and charging.
  • Emission control
  • Engine work-Minor and major. Maintenance and repair.
  • Evap canister/purge valves-Evaporation canisters canister purge valves
  • Fan, fans, and fan clutches.
  • Fuel-Fuel injection, carburetor, carburators.
  • Ignition-ignition coils, spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributors, points.
  • No start-Engine won’t start. Not starting.
  • Oil-Oil leaks, burning oil, oil consumption
  • Oxygen sensors-O2 sensors.
  • Radiator-Cooling system flush, radiator repair and replacement.
  • Timing belts-Timing belt and water pump replacement.
  • Transmission-Automatic and standard, service and repair.
  • Water pump-Gaskets, repair and replacement.
  • Wheel bearing-Wheel bearings and hub assembly