How Much Does A Radiator Repair And Replacement Costs?

There are times when a radiator cannot be repaired, and you must think of replacing the entire radiator. If it can be flushed, we are able to flush the cooling system. If a radiator can be repaired, we can also repair a radiator. Unfortunately, there are times when full replacement is required. For a full replacement, the cost variation may vary between $292 and $1193. This cost is for both the replacement parts and the labor involved or we can say professional mechanic payment to install it.

The above-mentioned radiator repair and replacement cost is just the average cost, the original cost will depend upon the model and thus also depend upon mechanic quality work that they offer. But if you want the exact cost, you need to visit us at Car Craft.

What is done during radiator repair and replacement?

Once the mechanic has inspected the radiator and gathered the possible leaks or other faults the next comes the pressure test, which is done by assessing the cooling system. After they will remove the radiator if there is any excess of coolant, it will then be drained.

The radiator repair and replacement process takes a few hours, depending on make and model of the vehicle. After all the drainage the mechanic will fit the new radiator filled with the proper coolant based on the vehicle. It is then checked for leaks to make sure it is fitted correctly.

Once the radiator repair and replacement parts are done, we also check the heating system to ensure everything is working normally.

What are the best ways to save money from radiator repairs?

The best way to ensure that you never have to replace a radiator is to have your system flushed at regular intervals, and to keep the correct coolant in the system. Your cooling system should be flushed every 60,000 miles, and this will include replacing the coolant in the system. Most radiator failures that we see are due to improper coolant. Too much water and you can rust a steel engine block, and the wrong type of coolant can brake-down an aluminum block.

Radiator repair is expensive, but it is not an easy process to do on your own. Making sure the cooling system functions properly can extend the life of your car.

It is best to let an experienced mechanic perform this repair.

Make an appointment online with us at, or call us at the shop today. We can flush, repair, or replace your radiator to ensure many years of happy motoring. We offer all types of car repairing services at a reasonable price and have professional mechanics to perform all work. We would love to help you to repair your vehicle promptly, without any inconvenience and get your vehicle back to you like a new one.

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