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6,000 Mile Service
Keep your vehicle dependable and reliable!

How often should I change my oil? What is the best oil for my car? Should I use synthetic oil, or conventional oil? Do you have the right oil for my car? How long will it take for you to change my oil? We gladly answer all these questions every day at Car Craft.

The most important maintenance on your vehicle is having your engine oil change on a regular basis, but just changing your oil is not enough to keep your car maintained.

At Car Craft, we don’t just change your oil, we service and inspect your entire vehicle. Of course, we change your engine oil and filter, but we also inspect and top off all your fluids. We inspect the battery, tires, suspension, brakes, belts, hoses, lights, windshield wipers, engine and cabin air filters, and check your vehicle manufactures recommended maintenance schedule.

When you bring your vehicle to Car Craft on a regular basis, this allows us to get to know your vehicle and build a service history on your vehicle. We will let you know if there is anything that needs to be done urgently and what maintenance is coming up soon. The advantage to you is that you will have the confidence that your vehicle is safe, reliable, and dependable.

How often should I have my vehicle serviced?

We recommend having your vehicle serviced every 6,000 miles, which works out to about every 4 months for average drivers.

What is the best oil for my car?

The cost of synthetic oil has come down dramatically in the last few years. Synthetic oil is a far superior lubricant for your engine. For the vast majority of modern vehicles, synthetic oil is the right choice.

Do you have the right oil for my car?

YES! Many vehicles that we service have special requirements for engine lubricants. We service thousands of vehicles each year, and we keep up with all the specific manufactures required lubricants. Whether you drive an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, or Honda, we know and stock the correct lubricant for your vehicle.

How long does it take?

It generally takes us 1 hour to perform a 6,000 mile service. We take longer to do a vehicle service because we do more and inspect more for you. We know that everyone is busy, which is why we offer free shuttle service. Make an appointment with us, drop off your vehicle, and then get on with your day. When your vehicle is ready, we will gladly pick you up and get you back in your car.


If there is a dealership in town that can service your vehicle, if you are tired of the high cost of taking your vehicle to the dealership, then come to Car Craft.  We are not only less expensive than the dealership service department, but we are also better mechanics. How is that possible? Our mechanics have decades of experience, many of them in dealerships.  The dealership service department mostly will focus only on the simple maintenance problems, like changing your oil, rotating your tires, and changing your cabin air filter. If it is anything more difficult than simple maintenance, many times they will have difficulty.