In The Shop This Week

Porsche and Jaguar week

Porsche and Jaguar week at Car Craft.  With cooler weather here in Athens, that means it is time to drive your convertible.  We had 8 convertibles in this week.  Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen (VW).  What do you do if your car needs routine maintenance, or major engine work?  Come see us at … Read More>>

Jaguar fire restoration

Most Jaguars that we see are in much better shape than this one, usually just needing service, brakes, or a tune up. This one, unfortunately, suffered fire damage and needs some major work. We are repairing the wiring, doing fuel injectors, tracing vacuum leaks, and replacing gaskets. If you drive a wonderful Jaguar, it is … Read More>>

$60 Full Synthetic oil service

Car Craft is doing an oil service promotion. We are now offering a full service oil change, will synthetic engine oil (up to 5 quarts) and filter for just $60. We will of course change your engine oil and filter, and we will top up all your fluids, and we will check everything on your … Read More>>

Porsche Panamera

We had a beautiful Porsche Panamera in the shop this week. Stunning automobile, and very fast. If your Porsche needs service in Athens, or if you are looking for, “Porsche mechanic near me”, we are your go-to shop. Porsche brakes, Porsche service, Porsche maintenance, Porsche oil service. We would love to be your Porsche service … Read More>>

Volkswagen Mechanic Athens

Car Craft LOVES Volkswagen and VW vehicles. We repair and maintain classic VW beetle, new Beetle, Tiguan, Passat and all other VW models. Car Craft wants to be your mechanic! We are owners, drivers, and enthusiasts. We can help with your brakes, tune up, “service required light, and check engine light. If you are searching … Read More>>

Volvo, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Porsche, Audi, and Willys!

1946 Willys. This week has been a pretty standard week. Volvo in with an oil leak, Volkswagen for brakes, Cadillac needing routine service and lights changed, Toyota in for shocks and brakes, and then THIS! 1946 Willys jeep! What a fun vehicle to test drive. Always glad for the Honda water pump, the Porsche brakes, or the Audi with the timing belt, and the classics make it fun. Read More>>

Audi Mechanic Athens!

Audi Mechanic in Athens!  Audi owners in Athens have a tough decision.  Where to have their Audi service performed?  If their Audi brakes need service, where do they turn?  Read More>>

Expert Volkswagen Mechanic (s)

Some of you may recognize this vehicle.  It is a Volkswagen Thing.  Great classic Volkswagen.  If you own a classic vehicle, Read More>>


Car Craft is the best BMW shop in Athens.  In business more than 40 years.  Is your BMW check engine light on?  Make an appointment to see us today.  Read More>>
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