Car Brake Service Athens

Brakes are the key safety feature of any vehicle. It is not possible to use the vehicle without safe brakes! Your brake pedal should be firm, and braking should be in a straight line without vibration or pull. Maintaining your brakes is very important. You should consult Brake repair Athens when you encounter any problems in breaks.

How to know if my brakes need to be repaired?

The least expensive way to maintain your brakes is to have them checked every time your have your engine oil changed. Many quick lube or fast lube shops only change your vehicles engine oil, and they do not completely service your vehicle. Bring your vehicle to Car Craft for your oil service, and in addition to changing your vehicles engine oil, we also check all they components of your vehicle, including the brakes. When checking your brakes, we not only check the thickness of your brake pads or shoes, we also check the moisture content of the brake fluid and the wheel speed sensors to make sure your anti-lock brake system (ABS) is functioning. All of these need to be checked regularly, and brake fluid flushes are one of the most neglected (and costly) oversights in vehicle maintenance.

While applying brakes if you hear squeaking or grinding sound you need to have your brakes checked immediately. Waiting will not make the problem go away and will make the eventual repair more costly. Your brakes may also show other signs such as pulling to one side or vibrating when you apply the brakes. You should also you’re your brakes checked if your are experiencing extended stopping distances. These signs will be a good indicator that your brakes need repairing and you should opt for car brake service Athens. They will do a complete evaluation of your car, including all the brake components and we are able to perform any needed repairs.

What will my brake service include?

Auto brake repair Athens will inspect your car properly and if find any problem in brake pads or shoes, rotors, drums, wheel speed sensors, brake wear indicators, brake master cylinder, brake booster, and brake fluid. We will only recommend necessary repairs, and we never replace parts unless it is required to keep you and your vehicle safe. Brake repair Athens service includes:


  • Brake Rotors or drums.

  • Brake pads or shoe replacement.

  • Master cylinder replacement of brakes.

  • Hose replacement of brakes.

  • Brake caliper & rotor re-alignment and replacement.

  • Checking of wheel speed sensors

  • Brake fluid flush

  • Repair or replacement of ABS components

  • Brake wear indicator replacement

How much does it cost to change car brakes?

A car brake system repair may consist of various parts that can be repaired individually. Depending on what components are worn or damaged, brake mechanic near me may have to change a few parts or several. We can’t quote the cost until we have checked they whole system and know what needs to be repaired or replaced. It is only possible to quote if you bring your car to auto brake repair Athens, they will evaluate the car to determine the exact amount required for brake repairs.

Do I have to change my brake fluid and if yes then how often?

Yes, you need to change your brake fluid as it affects the operation of your car brake system. Fluid needs to be under a specific moisture content and the higher the moisture content the faster it will damage very expensive components in a modern braking system. High moisture content also causes a softer brake pedal and increased braking distance.

You should hire Brake Shops near me and get your brake fluid changed according to moisture content and your vehicle manufacturer’s scheduled maintenance guide for for your vehicle. A convenient time to replace the brake fluid is when you are having your brake pads replaced. For the most convenient and least expensive brake repair, consult car brake service Athens.