Air conditioning special (AC Special)

AC Special! We are running an AC special at Car Craft. Mention this post and receive $50 off any AC service. Your AC should be blowing frosty cold, and if it is not, you need to come to Car Craft today! The #1 reason why an AC system does not blow frost cold is because it is low on refrigerant. But there is another very important fluid in your AC system, oil. The oil in your system attaches to the refrigerant and circulates through your system. If you are low on refrigerant, you are likely low on oil also. In addition to not enjoying the frosty cold of your AC system, you could be damaging your compressor and other expensive components in your AC system.
Another reason to get your car’s AC system fixed- VALUE. I once had a car that I knew I was going to sell in at the end of the summer. The estimate to have the AC system repaired was $400. I didn’t want to spend the $400 only to sell the vehicle, so I drove all summer with no AC. But when I went to sell the car, they deducted $1,200 from the buy price because the AC wasn’t working! So I suffered all summer, only to LOSE $800 by not having my AC system repaired.
Enjoy your vehicles AC this summer! Have it serviced or repaired at Car Craft TODAY!

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