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Steve Tingle, the owner of CarCraft, has earned a reputation for honesty and dependability that has earned him faithful, loyal, and satisfied customers. His desire to serve has made an impression on over 8,000 customers through their 35 years. Customer’s trust and satisfaction have been Steve’s pursuit and goal.

Steve, his service writers, and the technicians are committed to getting the repair job done right the first time in as quick a manner as possible with as minimal an interruption to your schedule as possible.

Cars are no doubt both a joy and a necessity. But they do break down even if they are faithfully maintained. Steve (and the other CarCraft employees) will take the time to explain the repair and maintenance issues of your car to you.

And they know that the cost of repairs is expensive. They are fair in their pricing as you would expect. And they will be straightforward with you in analyzing the repair options based on your situation. No one should endanger themselves and others in driving a broken car.

The CarCraft guys will be honest enough to tell you whether you can wait on this repair and be penny-wise or whether you are being pound foolish to not make needed repairs.

Sometimes one can save money (even though repairs are rarely timely or planned-for) by anticipating failing parts and get it fixed in advance of failure instead of getting hit with a larger repair bill later. They’ll advise you well so you know your options.

Of course, rarely is this stuff welcome news so they try to be gentle but not shrink away from telling you the honest truth! Thankfully so far, no CarCraft employee has been shot in being the bearer of difficult news! (They train to catch anger and bullets.)

In sum, “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”
So easy to say and often said; but Steve is committed to this practice in serving your auto repair needs.

Test their commitment and become their customer today.
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